Online criminal records search for 200 plus countries

International Social Media Search

CRS Checks utilizes traditional and electronic identifiers to positively verify ownership of social media accounts or other online presences. We will not hack a subject's password to circumvent network safeguards or gain access to information that is not in the public forum. Our trained researchers verify the subject's identity with multiple identifiers and remove false positive results. In addition, we will report positive articles, including volunteer activities, etc.


CRS Checks offers a list of the subject's profiles on major social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and articles found by search engines.

What information is needed?

  • Subject Information � Name, Date of Birth, address history, personal e-mail address, phone number, passport number (if applicable)
  • Resume, including Education Information � High School Attended/Year Graduated and any Colleges attended, including year(s) and Employment Information � Current and Previous Employers
  • Subject AKA � Additional names that a subject's record might be filed under (maiden names, nicknames, etc.)


2 - 4 days